Julian Morris shooting for Great BritainJulian Morris coaching clay shooting


Julian chooses grounds that offer the best facilities for coaching, including a wide variety of target presentations to work on. Other grounds can be used by appointment.

Having the right type of gun and importantly a gun that fits correctly is crucial and will make a noticeable difference to your shooting. Julian will check your current gun fit and give you impartial advice on the suitability of your current gun and buying advice if you are thinking of a new gun.

Julian takes you through not just gun safety but also personal safety equipment. Your eyes and ears are delicate so choosing the right equipment is vital to making your round of clays stress-free. It all adds up to increased scores.

Eye dominance and your overall vision are key to your shooting, the old maxim "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it" is so true. Julian will assess any eye dominance.

Whether you are a leisure shooter looking to improve your scores, or build up your skills as a competition clay shooter you will need to employ the services of a good coach that has the experience, patience and vision to help you improve and get the consistency needed to be a good sporting shot. Julian has over 15 years of competition experience and has built up a range of techniques to help students get results. Julian offers personal coaching to help make the difference using a 1-to-1 coaching experience that will deliver the key benefits you need to move to the next level. After your lesson Julian will also give you notes to take away and use in your own practice time.

Julian will travel anywhere the client requires and is available for hourly, half-day and full-day tuition.

After an initial assessment of your current abilities Julian will have a good idea of your level and will have identified any faults or core issues that need to be addressed. He will then formulate a structured training plan that will involve direct instruction, coaching and shooting fundamentals.

Julian will also work to strengthen the mental side of your clay shooting showing you pre-shot routines that help keep you focus when in the stand.