CPSA 128699

I first started shooting local non registered grounds after getting my first shotgun in December 2012 and soon decided I would like to compete in CPSA registered competitions. I found I struggled to get out of C Class and was stagnating at the 65% mark at most shoots but was clueless as to why I would sometimes dip into the 50% figures.

I asked for advice on coaches and Julian offered to take me round a shoot to see what my form was like to get an idea if he could work with me to help improve my technique. He found some basic Gun Fit issues, footwork and hold and break point flaws. We arranged a half day coaching session and I soon started to improve my scores, I began to win C Class by considerable margins and this continued through B Class within 12 Months with many more Class wins and places.

My average had gone from 65% to 79% and I am now in A Class.

In 2015 I qualified to shoot for Staffordshire County Sporting Team

I shot my new Personal Best of 91% missing out on being County Champion by only 4 clays!

Qualified for the White Gold Challenge Final in Silver Category

I can highly recommend Julian's coaching ability, he has a great way of explaining methods, how to read targets and getting in the right mindset to shoot clays consistently.

CPSA 119814

I have been working with Julian for around 9 months now, after hovering around the bottom of B class shooting low 70% scores for a couple of years and never breaking 80 I needed to push my shooting on. After asking around different shooters, Julian came highly recommended.

I gave him a call and arranged to have a three hour lesson to start. He has a very easy going relaxed way of coaching and a very simple way of explaining things. We started off with checking my gun fit, going right back to getting the basics right and then moved to some more in depth techniques.

The results from my first session showed within a couple of shoots when I shot my first ever 80+ score! I have since had more sessions and have gone on to have my first B class win with an 89%, average scores in the high 70s to low 80s and I will be moving to A class in the next classification period.

Julian has given me some excellent advice, confidence in my shooting and the belief that I can take it even farther with him in the future, all in a short period of time.